Employee Time Sheets

Employee Time Card CalculatorTracking employee time in and out of your office used to be rife with problems. Those old outdated systems and paper-based time sheets welcome the potential for mistakes, fraud and headaches. Confusion was rampant, as well as inefficiency that comes with self-reliant attendance. Now, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your employees’ daily working hours as well as other activities within your building. With automated employee time sheets as part of an attendance and time tracking system, you can boost your accuracy and efficiency.

Through the use of automated weekly timesheets, you can easily account for anything from daily hours to vacation and sick days. The information is always in one place at your fingertips, whether you have one employee or 100. Best part is, you can opt for additional services such as time clock software, punch clocks, employee swipe cards (barcodes or RFID), biometric (fingerprint) and web-based services to round out your offerings and increase your efficiency.

Employee time sheets are valuable tools that can help you streamline your payroll processes by tracking attendance to the second. In addition to those benefits, this type of automated system keeps everyone honest, allowing for more accurate record keeping overall. Here are just a few of the things you can keep track of with employee time sheets:

  • Time off: requests, calendar, usage, and reporting
  • Mileage and expenses
  • Hourly time clocks
  • Billable time tracking
  • Mobile time tracking

The benefits to this type of attendance and time tracking system are many. Avoid hassle by employing the use of accurate time tracking, cut down on fraud and wasting of company time and money, and avoid the frustration of manual work and hand-written time cards. Collect employee time sheets in an orderly, automatic way that improves your bottom line.

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