Weekly Timesheet

Weekly TimesheetKeeping track of your employees’ daily working hours as well as other activities within your building can be confusing and daunting, not to mention downright inefficient if you’re still relying on paper-based self-reliant attendance. Improve your accuracy and efficiency with weekly timesheets as part of an attendance and time tracking system.

You get automated weekly timesheets that allot for anything from daily hours to vacation and sick days. You get all the information at one place at your fingertips, whether you have one employee or 100.

Plus, you can sign up for any number of optional services, such as time clock software, punch clocks, employee swipe cards (barcodes or RFID), biometric (fingerprint) and web-based services. It’s time you made your life easier by collective employee attendance information in an orderly, automatic way that improves your bottom line.

If you think you can’t afford this type of system, you may want to fill out our online quote request form to be pleasantly surprised. We can show you just how affordable an attendance and time tracking system can actually be.