Hand Punch Time Clock

Hand Punch Time ClockHand punch time clocks are one of the most affordable, efficient systems out there when it comes to keeping track of your employee time and attendance. We can provide you with quotes on various options including biometric (fingerprint) technology to scan and identify your employees based on their individual traits. Cut down on forgeries and buddy punching with this revolutionary system for which you can add on other services, as well, such as time clock software, barcode swipe cards and web-based systems.

We understand that tracking employee attendance can be a source of frustration for many business owners, thanks to inefficiencies and inaccuracies present in traditional systems. However, with a Hand Punch Time Clock, you have the ability to track from one to 100 employees at one location or several. Request a free custom quote through our online form to learn what an attendance and time tracking system would cost you. We have plans to fit any budget!