Time Clock Hand Scanner

Time Clock Hand ScannerAs part of the latest technological advancements in employee identification, you can improve your attendance and time tracking endeavors for your company by employing the use of a time clock hand scanner.

This revolutionary system utilizes biometric capabilities to identify your employees based on the unique properties of their fingerprints. No more hassling with cards, keys and ID badges and no more worrying about buddy punching.

Instead, this scanner takes just one second to read the palm and prints of your employees’ hands, tracking their entry or exit to the second.

In addition, you can sign on for extra services such as time clock software, employee swipe cards, punch clocks and web-based services. It’s time you found out just how affordable a time clock hand scanner can be for your business. Use our online form to request a customized quote now on an attendance and time tracking system. The cost is probably much cheaper than you would expect!