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Benefits of Time and Attendance System

If you’re thinking about integrating a time and attendance system into your business, you’re making a wise decision. Paper-based systems or self-reliant attendance systems (i.e., where the employee punches a clock on their own) can invite mistakes and fraud. By having this whole system automated, you’re getting many benefits: Improving bottom line Cutting out fraud… Read more »

Employee Time Sheets

Tracking employee time in and out of your office used to be rife with problems. Those old outdated systems and paper-based time sheets welcome the potential for mistakes, fraud and headaches. Confusion was rampant, as well as inefficiency that comes with self-reliant attendance. Now, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your employees’ daily… Read more »

Time and Attendance Calculator

Looking for a solution to prevent inaccurate time punches and payroll errors? Now you can with a time and attendance calculator, which drastically cuts down on employee time theft and payroll mistakes that can negatively affect your bottom line. You can’t afford the loss of time, productivity and money at this juncture in your business…. Read more »

Payroll Time Clock Calculators

Employee time theft is a serious offense, although it doesn’t make the headlines like stolen office supplies or computers does. Time theft refers to the practice of employees being credited for time in which they haven’t actually put in work. From doctoring their time sheets to asking other employees to punch in for them, time… Read more »