Time and Attendance Calculator

Time and Attendance CalculatorLooking for a solution to prevent inaccurate time punches and payroll errors? Now you can with a time and attendance calculator, which drastically cuts down on employee time theft and payroll mistakes that can negatively affect your bottom line. You can’t afford the loss of time, productivity and money at this juncture in your business. This should be a time of growth and potential, not costly errors that are preventing you from being as successful as you can be.

The IRS says more than 30 percent of employers make mistakes in their payroll processes to the tune of billions of dollars in tax penalties each year in this country. Manual time card calculation can take up to five minutes per card, plus there’s an error rate of up to eight percent when using traditional time cards. Employee time theft is also a real problem, with time theft of long breaks, tardiness and cutting out early leading to a loss of four hours per employee per week.

With the use of a time and attendance calculator, you can cut down on these costly elements to get a more streamlined snapshot of your financials. You’ll not only save money, you’ll save time and headache as well. Add to your basic package things like web-based services, biometric (fingerprint) systems, employee swipe cards, punch clocks and time clock software. It’s easy to build a customized package according to your business needs and budget.


A time and attendance calculator allows you to quickly and accurately add entry and exit times for your employees, as well as vacation and sick days, holiday time and overtime, and to provide clear, mistake-free books. Come tax time, you’ll thank yourself for the investment in this must-have addition to your workplace.

When paired with the right software, our calculators help you better manage your workforce and track employee time in a more affordable and efficient manner. Spend less time yourself on payroll, or less time and money paying someone else to do it. Enjoy an easy to use interface that gives you real-time insight into time management data wherever you are. It’s time you were empowered with a revolutionary way of converting attendance data into actionable results.

To learn just how affordable an attendance and time tracking system can be for your company, request a customized quote through our online form today.