Hand Scan Time Clock

Hand Scan Time ClockWhether you operate within one location or multiple, a hand scan time clock for your employee attendance records can be a lifesaver. This latest technological advancement in employee identification helps you boost your attendance and time tracking efforts through the use of a hand scan time clock.

Utilizing biometric capabilities to identify your employees based on the unique properties of their fingerprints and palms, this revolutionary system means you never have to fumble with fobs, cards, keys and ID badges again.

All your employees have to do is scan their hand over a sensor, which takes just one second for recognition, thus tracking their entry or exit right down to the second. Why not sign on for extra services such as time clock software, employee swipe cards, punch clocks and web-based services as well? We have all the solutions you need for an efficient workplace.

Check out how affordable a hand scan time clock can be for your growing business by using our online form to request a customized quote now. Trust us, an attendance and time tracking system is probably much cheaper than you think!