Employee Time Clocks – Compare Cloud Based Time Tracking Software

Automatic Attendance SystemLooking for the best hardware or cloud-based software to track your employee’s attendance? Time tracking can be a huge source of frustration for many companies, due to the inefficiencies and inaccuracies involved with using outdated time sheets.

Our various employee time tracking options include:

  • Punch clocks
  • Employee swipe cards
  • Biometric (fingerprint)
  • Web-based time-clock software

Our most popular options include the newer automatic attendance systems, you as the owner can track from one to 100 employees at one location or several. Cut down on paperwork and the possibility for human error. As a result, you can keep an accurate record of work attendance for payroll, scheduling and HR purposes.

Think you can’t afford a higher-end, automatic attendance system for your company? Think again! Tell us about your specific needs and we will send you quotes for various options that would best fit your needs and budget.

You will be pleased with just how affordable these options can be:


Time Clock Systems For Small Business  – A Guide To Time & Attendance Tracking

You’ve heard of employee time clock systems, but you don’t know exactly what they are. Read on to find our everything you need to know.

If you are about to jump into the business owner world than one of the first things you need to know is, your employees enjoy getting paid.

To make sure you keep employees paid and happy, you need to familiarize yourself with time clock systems.

There are many to choose from and, if you are completely unfamiliar with them then read on to find out everything you need to know.

What Are Employee Time Clock Systems

Employee punch clockAn employee time clock system is a computerized system that records used in your business that records the number of hours that your employees worked.

With this system in place, it makes it easy for employers to see who is at the establishment, who has been absent from work, if the employees traded shifts, or see if anyone has worked any overtime.

This makes it easy to keep track of payroll and gets rid of any dishonesty or calculation errors that occurred back when employees hand wrote their time in on a card or sheet.

What Is The Cost of Employee Time Clocks

Having a time clock system in place actually saves you more money than you shell out for one.

Back in the day, someone would have to drive around and collect all of the time cards each week. This wasted time and money for gas.

Also, back in the day businesses lost money due to dishonesty when employees were in charge of writing their times in.

Now, your basic time clock system will cost you around $200 give or take a little. The cost is well worth the money you will save by having one.

What Are The Different Types of Time Clocks

As stated before there are many different types of time clock software out there for you to choose from.

Here are a few of the basic types you will see in your search.

Punch Card Clock

Employee Time Tracking SystemsThis is probably your most basic form of time clock software. It’s easy to use and helps the employee keep track of their hours fairly well.

They literally just put the card in the machine, and then the machine prints out the time and date on the card.

These are very good for small businesses just because of how simple they are to use.

Digital Clock

A digital clock is an updated version of the punch card clock. Instead of the employee inserting a card and the printer printing it off, the employee scans a work card, much like a credit card.

There is also a version of this software where the employee punches in a password and it system records their time.

Time Station Software

A time station software allows for employees to log in an out of a personal computer to clock in.

The advantage to this is the information can be directly downloaded into the payroll system.

Fingerprint Clocks

Fingerprint clocks are an amazing way to prevent fraud because it uses your employee’s unique fingerprint to clock in. Learn more about finger print bio-metric time clocks.

The employee places their finger on the scanner, it scans the print and then accepts the time punch.

This eliminates the need for time cards and your employees won’t have to memorize a code to clock in.

Hand Punch Clocks

Hand punch clocks work the same way as fingerprint clocks. The employee places their entire palm on the scanner instead of their finger.

The process is a little faster than the finger punch, and also helps to eliminate fraud.


The Benefits – Time Clocks, Time Cards, Time Clock Software

Time Clock BenefitsThere are many different reasons why opting for a time clock system for your business is a good idea.

The following are just a few reasons why you should consider it.

It Saves Time and Money

Having a time clock in place saves you from having to chase down your employees for their time cards.

It removes the possibility of human error. The computer keeps up with it so it saves more math challenged employees from doing it and messing up their hours.

Not only does it save human error but also human fraud. It’s hard to grasp but there have been instances where employees will write in for their friends.

It also eliminates workers fixing their hours as well and writing in times when they weren’t actually at work.

This can all be summed up with having a system in place keeps your payroll accurate.

They Are Fairer

It’s strange to say but your employees will get a sense of justice when they see employees that are never at work not punching in to get paid.

If the employee isn’t there to clock in, payroll records that and the employee will not be paid.

This will also be recorded for you to see so you can get rid of those lazier employees.

It also does away with time rounding. Rounding can be a pain, your computer system can do this for you, however. This avoids your employees having to stay just long enough to round up and deal with those calculations.

You Can See Your Labor Costs

Being able to see these numbers is super helpful. It helps you keep up with which employees are taking up the most of your time.

Not only this, but it also helps you see how much where you’re at in terms of overtime. A lot of companies don’t like overtime. Being able to see it can help you avoid it.

Make Your Business A Profitable And More Organized Place

Having a Time clock in place can only help your company save time and money. there is no reason to not try one out.

If you have problems with employee fraud or human calculation errors, if overtime costs are creeping up on you, you should highly consider it today.

They are inexpensive and will save you more money than it will take to get them in place.

Go out and get a quote for your business today!

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